Week 99: Haunted Doll

A week of long walks in Wales, extending the trip, soaking in the hot tub, cursed dolls, weird sandwiches, and a long journey home.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m back from Wales, we extended the trip by a few days when we got an extra Bank Holiday. The extra few days out of London meant that we never got to witness The Queue.

  • Overall we walked about 50 miles across the Welsh countryside. A lot of footpaths were either ploughed, planted over, or guarded by angry farm dogs.

  • When you walk that much obviously you need to soak in the hot tub a lot too. It’s important to rest your muscles, you know?

  • Adam found a severed porcelain doll’s head on a bonfire by the farm. He named her Liz and she’s definitely cursed. We’re probably all cursed now.

  • starryai is quite good at generating haunted doll content.

  • We always over-order food when we go away with a large group of friends. On the last full day, we played Roll for Sandwich and managed to use up a lot of food in very weird sandwich combinations

  • The 8-hour trip home (broken cables on the line between Reading and Paddington) meant there wasn’t really a nice gap between holiday and work. Let’s see how this week goes!

  • My flat hasn’t flooded, which is great.