Week 96: Seven Deaths

A week of many plans, excellent books, a wedding, refactoring, late calls, immersive experiences, fun new board games, and too much drinking.

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  • What a ridiculously busy week. I’m exhausted and really needed the extra day off this weekend.

  • At the end of Sunday last week, we went to the Walter Sickert exhibition at the Tate Britain, which we never managed to visit when we basically lived next door. It felt nice to do something cultural.

  • I spent many a spare moment reading The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, which is a really gripping time loop story. I enjoyed it immensely! I’m not sure what to read next but glad to be back in the habit.

  • On Monday, after work, we went to Mo & Alice’s wedding. It’s our sixth and final wedding of the year so I can finally retire my smart clothes for a while. It was a fun time, and we didn’t go too hard because of work the next day.

  • On Tuesday I was in the office. It was my only free evening of the week so I spent it at home starting to rewrite Yeehaw to use Slack’s newer Bolt SDK. I also refactored a lot to tidy things up and it’s much more clear how it all works now. I also got it deployed to Render as I’m slowly migrating away from Heroku.

  • I got an out-of-hours call around 00:30 on Wednesday, which I took because I was still awake. It wasn’t anything too serious but I didn’t sleep properly until after 02:00 😬

  • On Wednesday evening we went to Phantom Peak with a group of friends. It’s an “immersive open world adventure” and it surprised me how fun and engaging it was. The cast was great, and I shook my general embarrassment at all the acting pretty quickly. We managed to complete six of the different adventures, taking it at quite a chill pace. I’d go back!

  • On Thursday I went into the office again, this time mostly for a team lunch. It was the first time we had all five of us in one physical location and it was really nice to hang out. We expensed lunch and spent a couple of long meetings talking about the future direction of the team. I’m having a great time at work lately 🙂

    After work, I played online board games with my group. We played a new game, The Guild of Merchant Explorers, which is excellent (maybe I mostly enjoyed it because I won by a clear margin which is always fun when you play in such a competitive group).

  • On Friday it was time for a bottomless brunch. We went to a new pizza and prosecco place, as our regular place in Angel has closed down. I’m mostly sad because the same group has been going there for years now, bottomless brunch will probably never be quite the same without Stef.

  • On Saturday we met Luke for lunch and then we all headed up to King’s Cross to hang out with Gallal and a few other friends. Gallal managed to convince us to go to a club night at KOKO. I’m not sure if I’m built for this anymore.

  • Sunday was a bit of a write-off, but we binged the first season of Never Have I Ever which is quite chilled and heartwarming. The biggest surprise hit is maybe John McEnroe as a narrator (!?) it made me laugh a lot.