Week 95: JPD & David

A week of fun weddings, betting on horses, dogs who like me now, finished painting, a new blog post, and playing with OpenTelemetry.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • A red-brick manor house in the country backed by a blue sky

    The end of last weekend was a lot of fun, we spent it at Highley Manor for JPD and David’s wedding. The service was lovely and the party afterwards was great. I didn’t stick to my “no Jägerbombs” rule but I did spend an hour or two only drinking water so swings and roundabouts. You couldn’t ask for better weather unless you’re wearing a tweed suit in which case a few degrees cooler would have been nice.

  • A cute dog with his head on my knee

    I met my board game group in person for the first time in ages, I missed the last one due to a trial that never happened. It was lovely, I’ve been playing board games with this group for ~6 years and we went mostly virtual when Scott moved up north. We chat a lot more about life when we play in person and it’s nice to be reminded why our group works.

    The standout game was Long Shot, which is a dice-based horse racing/betting game and it’s loads of fun. It has some elements of Camel Up but with some more interesting mechanics to give different horses advantages and mess around with your opponents.

    Bucky made an appearance, he’s decided that he likes me now (last time I saw him he was really unsure and did a lot of barking).

  • The corner of a living room with green on one wall and beige cream on the other

    We finally finished painting the living room! (apart from a few edges that need tidying up). The fourth wall is a kind of beige cream and we’re gonna put together a gallery wall. Moving all of our pictures from the spare room finally will free up a lot of space and also make the living room feel a lot cosier.

    My shelves also finally arrived, I need to borrow a wood plane as they’re a little too snug, but I’m excited to also finally have space for all our books.

  • In nerd news, I spent some time overhauling the build process for this website because it was really slow. I originally wrote it all in this weeknote but decided to move it to my first blog post of 2022 instead: Halving my GitHub Pages Build Time. It covers a few GitHub Actions optimisations and an intro to the new GitHub Pages Custom Actions beta.

  • At work on Friday, my team spent our mobbing session getting familiar with OpenTelemetry and wow it’s incredible. We mostly played with setting up traces for one of our apps to see how useful it could be for debugging issues across our apps and we’re all now very excited about it. I’m looking forward to working with our Edge Delivery & Observability team on getting this rolled out properly 🎉