Week 94: Book Delivery

A week of The Sandman, book deliveries, reading a bunch more, late nights, fun 30th birthdays, our fifth wedding, and infuriating trial news.

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  • As predicted, the trial has been cancelled again, I’m getting very good at reliving past trauma for a couple of months and then immediately pushing it back down again. Healthy. I’ve been asked to provide a list of all the dates I can’t make for the next 12 months which bodes well for it being rescheduled any time soon. Once again it was moved because the defendant fell very conveniently ill. Shall we talk about something less depressing?

  • We’ve been watching The Sandman on Netflix, it’s been really great so far (we’re two episodes from the end). It’s one of my favourite series of graphic novels and I’m so glad Neil Gaiman developed the series because it’s really true to the books without feeling stale.

  • I finished reading the first and second books in The Book of Dust trilogy and now I’m remembering what it’s like to have to wait for a book to be written and released. Scarlett very kindly posted me a few books she thinks I’ll enjoy so I’ll likely pick one of those up next or start Tender Is the Flesh or All That’s Left in the World which made it onto my list a while ago. I’m enjoying the escapism a lot, this is more than I’ve read in years.

  • On Friday we went to a pub for Charlotte’s brother’s 30th. It was a lot of fun, but we stayed out until almost 6 am, oops. At least we got to see the sunrise, here’s Deptford Bridge at 5:30 am after we’d walked there from Peckham 😅

    A view of the sunrise behind Deptford Bridge station
  • We’re off to our fifth wedding of the year today, JPD and David! It’ll be lovely, and it’s our first wedding where there’s a large array of friends also in attendance. Charlotte thinks I’m an idiot for attempting to wear a tweed jacket in 32-degree heat but what can I say, I’m a slave to fashion. I’m gonna try and ban myself from Jägerbombs.