Week 91: Huddersfield

A week of birthdays, aircon, pizza, unexpected visitors, quirky accommodation, weddings in Huddersfield, Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m a bit hungover and my heart really isn’t in writing these, so it’s a bit matter-of-fact. 91 straight weeks in I’m unable to even consider skipping weeknotes.

  • We spent the week being relatively quiet/careful ahead of the next wedding. Still a lot of COVID out there 😬

  • Also, it’s just been too hot to do anything. Our flat is doing OK but going into the office on Tuesday was a treat – the aircon was delightful. We went in because it was Chris’ birthday and ate unlimited pizza for lunch.

  • On Thursday we had an unexpected visitor, Ashley was down from Birmingham and needed a place to crash for the night. It was a lovely surprise.

  • On Friday I took the day off work so we could travel up to Leigh-Ann and Andy’s wedding. We arrived at the really weird Airbnb we’d booked, the owner has made an awful lot of built-in pine furniture and it’s… quirky. There’s a hot tub though, which is a MUST when we’re travelling with Jenn and Chris.

  • The wedding was lovely, the vows were sweet and heartwarming and we got placed on the “southern” table with Andy’s friends (who were all a lot of fun). I only had four Jägerbombs, I had a tequila and a chat with the father of the bride about how great Leigh-Ann is, and worked off a bit of the booze with some questionable dancing. I’m claiming full credit for reviving the dance floor by requesting Torn by Natalie Imbruglia after the DJ lost his way a bit.

  • Now we’re alternating between eating and hot tub, I might have some champagne to take the edge off.

Me, Charlotte, Jenn, and Chris in a photo booth. I'm wearing a poop-shaped hat and beer glasses, Chris is wearing a tiara, Jenn is wearing a mask, and Charlotte has a shark hat on