Week 90: Dopamine

A week of wall painting, shelf buying, mid-year reviews, wedding celebrations, Somali food, dopamine, the theatre, and a country walk.

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  • Wow, what a busy week.

  • We finally painted two more walls in our living room after a long hiatus! I love the colour and it means we can finally put up pictures, shelves, and unpack our books. I bought some beautiful reproduction brass brackets and I’m just waiting for the actual wood to arrive.

    My living room with three walls painted a rich dark green and looking a lot more like a home

    We’re gonna have so much space when we can finally unload these boxes, I’m very excited about it all after a bit of a break from doing house stuff.

    We also changed our minds about the colours for the bedroom, thinking kind of rust and blue will be nice (the bed is already navy). I just need to damp-seal around the windows while it’s nice and dry and then we can finish painting.

  • I had my mid-year review at work. People were very nice about me and I’m doing a good job which is nice to hear. I’d be unpleasantly surprised if I wasn’t doing well tbh because I have so much less responsibility this year. I feel like I have the space and energy to focus on doing impactful things well, and that makes me feel good.

  • We went to a nearby pub for a low-key celebration of Gallal and Kim getting married ❤️ it was lovely. We had honey tequila.

  • Later in the week I finally went to Al Kahf, an East African restaurant nearby. Gallal and Kim had already been and it’s been on my list of places to go for ages, we got a huge rice and meat platter and it was delicious.

  • Charlotte and I visited Dopamine Land which was fun! Some particularly nice light and sound installations, and we went relatively early in the evening so we didn’t have to share many of the rooms with strangers. The staff felt slightly too chirpy and I’m unsure whether they a) like their jobs, b) have been told to be like that, or c) have unnaturally high dopamine levels from hanging around all the installations.

  • We went out in Soho with Charlotte’s mum, it was less horribly busy than I remember. We had dinner in Hawksmoor and then on to Shitfaced Shakespeare at Leicester Square Theatre (a Christmas present).

  • Off on a walk in the country now, which might just turn into a pub trip depending on how hot it is 👋