Week 9: Festive Spreadsheet

A week of over-eating, chopping things really small, gripping chess montages, and building hospitals.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I really enjoyed Christmas, we woke up late and spent most of the day cooking. We had a spreadsheet for all the meal timings which was very helpful, and I wasn’t even the one to instigate it. We spent the evening on a bunch of different video calls with friends and family, and I ate and drank too much which is exactly how I intended on spending my day.

  • We tried our Christmas cake. It tastes like actual Christmas Cake and is delicious! I’m good at anything that involves beating egg whites so of course the royal icing is perfect.

    A Christmas cake, decorated with heaps of royal icing that looks like snow. Small green trees made from pistachio paste are scattered across the top, with two wooden stags peeking around them
    My brother says the trees look like poos, and I'm worried about his diet now
  • On boxing day we ordered a pizza and ate it in bed.

  • Normally for Christmas and birthdays Charlotte and I buy each other gifts that are an activity we can go and do, or a trip somewhere nice. This year we decided to give each other physical gifts. Charlotte got me a chef’s knife which is amazing, I’ve wanted good knives for ages and I spent part of the day slicing food items into ridiculously small cubes.

  • I binge-watched all of The Queen’s Gambit, which was really good. I’m impressed that they managed to have me on the edge of my seat for a chess montage, good work.

  • Charlotte downloaded Two Point Hospital in the Steam sale and we built a hospital together. It was a very nostalgic experience, there so many nice nods to Theme Hospital which I spent far too many hours on as a kid.

  • This is my last weeknote of 2020, what a year! 😬 here’s hoping that 2021 is less exhausting, I’m not going to hold my breath though.