Week 89: Secret Bar

A week of being back to reality, remembering to code, FT rounders, birthdays, marvel, small horses, good food, and small humans.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Feeling like we’re very much back to reality over the past week. It’s not horrible really, I’m still enjoying work a lot and am feeling pretty productive already. I haven’t forgotten how to code 🎉

  • Arjun and I cheersing Jägerbombs

    It was the FT Product & Tech Department’s annual rounders tournament in Regents Park. I normally spectate, this year was no different, sitting in the sun and chatting is more my speed. It was so great seeing so many people and meeting some of my newer colleagues in person! Arjun and I found a secret Jägerbomb bar in the trees nearby and a good crowd ended up going for drinks afterwards in Camden. I love rounders day ❤️

  • We went for a meal for Charlotte’s dad’s birthday. She carried on the tradition of making him a giant-sized snack with an excellent (and challenging to carry) giant Curly Wurly.

  • Charlotte was off on a weekend hen do from Friday so I was by myself for a bit. I went to the cinema to see Thor: Love and Thunder. It was fun, though some classic Disney/Marvel queerbaiting led me to expect it to be a bit more gay, which is a shame but probably all on me for falling for it again.

  • Grandma and I standing by a fence in the sunshine, saying hi to some Shetland ponies

    On Sunday I went to my uncle’s house to see a bunch of extended family and for a couple of birthdays (including my grandma’s). We had a great veggie barbeque, played some table tennis, and enjoyed the countryside (they’re renting an amazing farm building between houses and it’s beautiful).

    I also got to meet my niece for the second time. She’s ~6 months old and hung around smiling at people for an entire afternoon without crying once. Very chill baby, I’m a big fan. I need to make more effort to visit now that we’re back from a month off.

    Here’s a photo of my grandma with her favourite grandchild (me) saying hello to some little horses.