Week 88: Emma & Perry

A week of jet lag, sunsets and rainbows, kayaking, 30th birthdays, Jägerbombs, happy couples, glitter beards, and returning to work.

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  • We’re back in the UK! Jet lag was no joke despite managing to stay awake for more than 30 hours. Flying really messes with my sinuses nowadays and I have an ear infection which might be related. Fun!

  • Our final days in Costa Rica were lovely. We went sea kayaking to a secluded beach, I’m very unfit but it was fun. We passed a lot of Manta Rays who were just chilling and we had a little swim.

  • Our last full day was Tammy’s 30th birthday and we went pretty hard. The weather was the most perfect we’d had for the whole trip and we ended the day by heading to the beach to see maybe the most incredible sunset I’ve ever seen. It felt kind of unreal with the rainbow on the opposite side of the beach. We went for a little swim and I’m struggling to remember another time I felt so relaxed and happy.

    A panorama of a beach with an orange sunset on one side and a large rainbow on the other
  • After one night in our own bed, we headed off to Kent for Perry and Emma’s wedding. It was a perfect day both in weather and company, it was lovely to see a few friends I haven’t caught up with in years and a joy to see the couple so happy after several years of waiting/rescheduling.

    Congrats again you two ❤️

  • A wedding face paint / glitter station is a great idea, especially after a Jägerbomb or two has made you forget what a pain in the ass it is to remove it all.

    Me with a beard full of pink glitter and Charlotte with a glittery flower painted on her face
  • I’m back to work properly this week, let’s see how my mind and body cope with that! I’m maybe optimistic.