Week 87: Full of Beans

A week of many beans, ripe avocado, lots of travelling, rainforest walks, tubing, bungee jumps, bad news, and nice people.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m full of beans, both figuratively and literally. I’ve had at least one bean-based dish every day for nearly two weeks and I don’t intend on stopping when I get home.

  • Gallo Pinto for every meal please. Pico de Gallo is always delicious, and every single avocado is perfectly ripe. I’m going to miss Patacones quite a lot.

  • We travelled loads over the last week, staying in each place for a couple of nights. Monteverde has been my favourite, it’s a little cooler and the scenery is beautiful.

    A volcano surrounded by rainforest
  • I threw myself down some rapids in a rubber ring which was super fun. I also threw myself off a small cage in the sky with a rope attached to my feet which was incredible. It’s actually quite difficult to force yourself to step out into nothing, you can hear me say “oh my god, I can’t” just before I drop 😂

    Watch on YouTube
  • We did a lot of rainforest walking, most of the trails outside of reservations have been closed by the government so it was all pretty well paved but still exciting. We saw some agouti, monkeys, tiny tree frogs, plenty of hummingbirds, and many many insects.

  • I managed to order pancake shots but only with an accompanying drawing. They were pretty good!

  • A nice American woman gave us a lift while we were walking into town one day, and a nice Canadian man lent us some cash when we’d run out, so I paid it forward by giving lots of cash to a couple from the UK because their card wasn’t working. They paid me back once they had WiFi, yay for nice people.

  • I’m really really trying to avoid the news, at least until we fly back, but it’s impossible. What an absolute shit-show, I’m thinking a lot about my US-based friends 😔

  • In more positive news I love to see some industrial action ✊ also love to see the Tories lose two by-elections.

  • After nearly a month off work I’m actually quite looking forward to going back. I feel energised 🤓