Week 83: Double Rainbow

A week of TV binges, a stag weekend in Scotland, whisky tastings, highland games, zorb football, airsoft, lovely friends, and good coffee.

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  • I had quite a quiet week because I didn’t want to get COVID before a stag do and holiday, this meant we caught up on a lot of TV.

    • We started watching The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, which is by the same production company as Love is Blind. It’s even wilder, maybe it’s too much even for me and I feel a bit sad watching all these dysfunctional relationships where obviously they should just break up

    • We also binged all of The Circle (Season 4 on Netflix, still prefer the UK one). It was pretty good and had the right level of drama. Also (not a spoiler) they got two Spice Girls to go on it!?

    • I watched the first two episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi which has gripped me more than a lot of the other Star Wars series so far. Maybe it’s being more invested in the character from the outset? I’m excited to fill in some more of the gap between the prequel and original trilogies.

  • A double rainbow over Loch Tay
    Double rainbow!

    The big thing this week was going on Perry’s stag do, which was a lot of fun. We travelled up to Loch Tay in the highlands and it was beautiful.

    • It was so nice to see Perry (who I haven’t seen since god knows when), catch up with Andrew and Linus, and meet a few of his other friends. We drove from Edinburgh via Aberfeldy Distillery which was a lot of fun.

    • We drank a lot. I was somehow still coherent on Friday after 5 beers, ~150ml of whisky, 2 Jägerbombs, and 4 double vodka-irn-brus 😬 maybe it’s time to have a break? Oh, wait, I’m at an all-inclusive next week 😬

    • Zero hangover which was incredible. We did a lot of stag activities. I absolutely suck at log throwing, no upper body strength (or lower body strength let’s be honest).

    • I’m actually alright at Zorb football, but I think I was helped by wearing very grippy walking boots vs a lot of people wearing trainers. Zorb football is ridiculously fun, but I ache in places I didn’t know I had.

      Me running into Perry and knocking him over, both of us are wearing zorbs
      Me taking Perry down
    • I’m average at airsoft, but we did win capture the flag against another stag party. It was still fun though, but I ache from crouching in bushes.

    • I’m even more excited about the wedding now that I know a few more people.

    • Scotland is beautiful, the highlands are beautiful, I remember this every time I go and I want to move there when I’m bored of city life.

  • Perry is an excellent front end engineer who’s looking for a job btw 👀

  • I had my first self-made fresh ground coffee since buying a grinder. I could tell the difference! It was delicious and I’m a convert.