Week 82: Pasta Puttanesca

A week of incidents, spreadsheets, pasta puttanesca, shy little cats, holiday preparations, channelling Glynn, creepy horoscopes, and a fun party.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • What a week. We’re dealing with an ongoing incident at work and a fair few engineers (including me) have mobilised to fix some things. It’s been non-stop. I’m managing to be mostly quite chill about it, but the stress did get to me a little by the end of the week.

    What I’m loving is working towards a common goal with a bunch of excellent engineers who I don’t often get to work with. The FT hires and retains some wonderful and talented people and there’s nothing like an incident to remind me of this fact.

    I got to scrape some data and build a spreadsheet from it, which is very much in my wheelhouse. I learned about Filter Views in Google Sheets. Wow. Game changer.

  • A small black cat poking her head through some curtains

    We went to Kara’s for dinner one evening in the week, she made delicious puttanesca (I think this is the recipe - will be making it), we chatted a lot, played some Exploding Kittens (I was ganged up on) and then we beat Pandemic: Rising Tide as a team. It was a particularly lovely evening ❤️

    We were also graced by the presence of Kettricken who is an incredibly shy and very cute cat. Look at her little face.

  • My matching shorts and shoes

    Charlotte and I are away for a lot of June and we needed to do some holiday shopping. For some reason, we braved Oxford Street (I guess it beats Westfield or Canary Wharf). We did manage to get a lot of stuff, I bought some shorts which coincidentally perfectly match my shoes and I feel like a budget Glynn.

    I think maybe I’m getting hayfever which is weird. I’ve never had it before. Do a dry tickly throat and slightly congested sinuses sound like hayfever?

  • A screenshot of Co – Star, telling me to avoid Water Moons (such as Alex Wilson)

    Alex W has COVID which is notable not just because it’s sad that he missed a party, but also because Co – Star specifically told me to avoid him. Maybe there’s something to this horoscope bullshit after all 👀

  • We finished the week with a fun party for Jenn’s birthday. I had an incredible vegan Korean burger made with battered and deep-fried hen of the woods mushrooms. I drank pretty good margaritas, espresso martinis, and piña coladas.

    The people were nice, the dancing was fun, and the hour-long walk home was sobering and I maybe feel kinda fine this morning? I’m still gonna eat a lot of takeaway.