Week 81: Lederhosen Wario

A week of 4 am calls, birthday vodka, a truly shocking Eurovision result, dungarees, smugness, and some error handling.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • My week started suddenly and unexpectedly at 4 am on Monday when I got an out-of-hours call because the FT home page was down. I’ve been on the rota for ages and this was my first time being called. It was weirdly quite fun, but it has absolutely ruined my sleep for the week because I took some accidental early evening naps.

    I’m feeling quite comfortable and confident jumping on incidents now that I’ve been working back in the code for several months. My calming mantra is “nobody dies if you mess up and take FT.com down”.

  • On Thursday I did a small amount of public speaking. Yep, I still mostly hate it and feel like my entire body and voice are shaking.

  • It was Zuzanna’s birthday on Friday so we went round and drank a pretty sensible amount (aside from one or two vodkas, Na Zdrowie!).

  • The big news this week is obviously Eurovision. What the hell happened!? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the UK actually do well, Ukraine had to win (👏) but second is pretty great.

    We dug out the European flag bunting and hosted a few people using our standard format. We had food from 17 countries and booze from 15 (always delivered while the country is performing). I love how hectic it gets and everyone was merry, but not too merry, by the end.

    Me sat looking at the TV in black dungarees over a yellow T-shirt

    I was vaguely representing Germany wearing yellow, red, and black. Lederhosen Wario is a fairly accurate description, thanks, Alex. I’m enjoying the accidental renaissance.

    I’m sitting in bed feeling really smug that:

    1. I have no hangover despite spending the evening creating a dirty pint inside my 34-year-old body.

    2. I did most of the cleaning up at 2 am after everyone had left.

  • I read this really excellent article on error handling in Node.js.

  • OK time to get up and eat a breakfast of bratwurst, pierogi, hummus, and Spanish omelette, doused in IKEA meatball sauce.