Week 80: Heartstopper

A week of 100% test coverage, large-scale terraforming, perfect Wordle scores, birthday drinks, accidental wine, and a new favourite TV series.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Work was fun this week. I got Reliability Kit, a new project I’m working on, to the point where we’re ready to start building and releasing packages. Release Please is just so magical. This is my first time building and working on a monorepo and it feels great learning a load of new stuff every day. I find myself reading a lot more and actually caring about what’s going on in tech.

    I set all our test coverage requirements to 100% 👀 I read this great article on the benefits of 100% coverage last year and it makes so much sense to me. I think adding this requirement is way harder the longer a project goes on, so let’s whack it in at the start.

  • I’ve been playing around with WorldEdit in Minecraft, designing some large terrain pieces which I want to build on our multiplayer server. I’m getting that itch again which means I’ll probably spend half of my evenings playing again.

  • My wordle guess distribution. one guess: 0 times, two guesses: 3 times, three guesses: 26 times, four guesses: 60 times, five guesses: 26 times, six guesses: 3 times

    I finally perfected my Wordle guess distribution. What a nice curve, eh?

  • On Friday we went for some drinks with Jenn for her birthday, it was a nice time! We played Pin the Hard Seltzer on the Jennifer and ate pizza, it was lovely.

    On the tube home, Gallal, Charlotte and I accidentally drank a bottle of wine between us which tipped us into “make bad decisions” mode. We stayed up drinking and chatting until 4:30 am 🤦

  • On Saturday we needed something gentle to watch and binge-watched all of Heartstopper. I loved it! It’s really heartwarming and sweet, and a pretty low-on-trauma celebration of young queer romance. I think I need to buy the graphic novels. hard recommend.

  • On the opposite side of my media consumption, I’m off to the cinema now to watch Doctor Strange before someone spoils it for me.