Week 78: Brighton

A week of regency glamour, heaving offices, too much prosecco, birthday dinners, beautiful weddings, severed heads, ceilidhs, and cute polaroids

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We binged Bridgerton season 2 over two evenings this week. I loved it, not quite as much as S1, but pretty close.

  • The office was heaving on Thursday due to there being large presentations from a few different groups as well as drag bingo in the evening. There was a tab at a nearby pub, I got carried away, prosecco makes for a very happy drunk me. Note to self: just because alcohol is freely available, you don’t have to keep drinking it.

  • We travelled to Brighton on Friday for a wedding. We made the most of it by spending the majority of the weekend down there.

  • It’s my sister’s birthday soon and so we went for dinner with her and her partner on Friday. We went back to their place afterwards to meet their cat, Wilma, who has three legs and is ~15 (!!!) years old. Wilma is very sweet. I miss having a cat.

  • Ben and Jess’s wedding was beautiful, the sun shone and the service was held outside under an apple tree and officiated by our friend Jake. I’ve never been plied with quite as much food and entertainment at a wedding, but still managed to stick with most of the dances at the after-dinner ceilidh. I know Ben and Jess through D&D – I was introduced to new people as “The Dungeon Master” many times.

    Congratulations Ben (who I now know reads these 😅) and Jess!

  • I’m really in the mood to run D&D again, logistics are so hard with people living all over the country! Online just isn’t quite the same.

  • I texted Alice while on the way down to Brighton on the off chance that she was free. She was! We popped round for lunch on Sunday and had a good catch up, eyed her garden enviously, and met her cute and very shy kids.

    There was a brutal murder during our visit, which somehow none of us witnessed! I’m hoping Alice shares the photo (that she immediately took) of a mysteriously severed goldfish head which appeared next to the pond.

  • Lovely weekend overall!

  • Here’s Charlotte and I looking cute as heck:

    A polaroid picture of Rowan and Charlotte in wedding attire, holding a bouquet and smiling