Week 77: Lawyers

A week of being by myself some more, sun and shorts, reduced stress, some leaving drinks, some Jägerbombs, wild garlic season, and a cute dog named Magnus.

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  • Charlotte got back from her trip on Monday and we spent a couple of days together early in the week before she was off to visit her granny. It’s nice to spend time apart but I’m being a little needy.

  • It’s definitely shorts weather now. It’s lovely, I feel so happy.

  • The sun normally really reduces my scalp psoriasis, but it’s already been flaring so much less since I started trialling a less stressful role at work.

  • I went into the office for part of Wednesday because Jake is leaving the FT and was having some leaving drinks. I got a little carried away, and I lost count of how many Jägerbomb Arjun and I had at the bar.

    We got chatting to some lawyers who work nearby, I’m unsure what we spoke about but I found a business card in my pocket the next morning 🤷

    Once the pub closed, Chee and I went for a nice sobering-up walk down to London Bridge and talked a lot, which was nice. We wandered around for a good couple of hours before I realised I should really go to bed and got a taxi home.

  • Thursday wasn’t good but could have been much worse. I made my 9:30 standup which is heroic even when I’m feeling 100% tbh.

  • It’s wild garlic time again. I’ve eaten quite a lot, and picking up food that’s just growing outside will never stop feeling wholesome.

  • We went away for the first half of the bank holiday weekend with a couple of friends and their dog. We stayed in a small cottage in the south downs and it was lovely to be out of the city for a while. The weather was beautiful, and Magnus is a very sweet boy.

    A cute dog resting his head on a pillow