Week 75: Perfect Coverage

A week of feeling alive, spending a bunch more money, smart toothbrushes, bottomless brunch, exciting OKRs, Killing Eve, and some tweaks to Masterchef.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m finally feeling more normal, far less snotty and my cough’s pretty much gone 🎉

  • I did a lot of spending on myself this week. I bought a new suit (we have three weddings this year and I want to look nice) and some new clothes because my wardrobe has really stagnated over two years of rarely going out. I look great in a suit, I’ll provide evidence when I pick it up next week.

  • I think I’ve done enough treating myself with bonus money and should probably pay off some more of my mortgage or something sensible 🤔

  • medals.png

    Oh, ages ago we got new toothbrushes with an app. I think I’m very susceptible to a bit of gamification, and I’m consistently getting 100% scores (complete coverage and the correct pressure for >2 minutes). Why am I like this? Look at my medals though.

  • We went to a practice bottomless brunch with Jenn & Chris which was delightful. It was a practice for when we go and do another bottomless brunch another time. I was very happy and fun to be around if I say so myself, but then later on I sent some embarrassing text messages and fell asleep in the corner of the bar. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

  • Guess what, friends, I found myself getting legitimately excited during my team’s Q2 OKR session. What a dweeb. I’ve not done loads of SRE -type work throughout my career so far and I’m not sure why, it’s rewarding.

  • I’m not 100% sure about the new season of Killing Eve. Does it feel like it’s squeezing too much in maybe?

  • I’m 100% sure that the slight tweaks to the Masterchef format this year are great. Another few baby steps towards being as good as Masterchef Australia 👀