Week 74: Ottoman

A week of negative tests, storage for towels, art deco vibes, Express error handling, open windows, and some more playing with AWS.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It was another relatively slow week. I finally tested negative for COVID a few times but I’m still producing horrible amounts of snot and phlegm.

  • The most exciting thing that happened was that our new bed frame arrived (a solid 12 weeks after ordering it). It’s quite tall and an ottoman so suddenly we have an over-abundance of storage for spare bedding and towels. This stuff excites me nowadays.

  • The bed has some slight art deco vibes, which Charlotte is worried might be a fad (it probably is), but I think it’s just in keeping with our 1920–1930 block of flats.

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about error handling, specifically in Express applications. Doing a bunch of reading about a specific topic isn’t something I’ve done a lot of lately, and it’s been quite fun. The way we handle and log errors across FT.com is ok but very inconsistent, and debugging issues across dozens of different services is quite difficult as a result. I have some cool ideas about how we might address this with a mix of code and conventions/knowledge-sharing.

  • We’ve had the windows open all week. What a treat!

  • I’ve been playing with Architect a bit (again) in my spare time, to throw together a little web service. It’s kind of delightful to work with and my AWS knowledge is less patchy (at least around Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB). I’ve never done any formal AWS training, do people find it worthwhile?