Week 72: Bordeaux

A week of mostly quiet evenings, Subjective Guess Who, a short weekend in Bordeaux, Oenology, T-shirt weather, and COVID catching up with us.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It’s mostly been a quiet week because we were trying to not get COVID ahead of our weekend trip to Bordeaux. I kinda missed seeing people in the office for one of the days (especially as my new team member was in on Friday).

  • However, we did catch up with Kara one evening in a pub near our flat. We played Subjective Guess Who and we weren’t the best at it.

  • A horse statue with a very good face

    We flew to Bordeaux for the weekend, very pleased with ourselves for not catching COVID before the trip. The city is really beautiful and fun. We drank a lot of wine, did a short oenology workshop, ate a lot of food, and enjoyed occasionally being outside in just a T-shirt in the sun! The statues in Bordeaux are top-notch, check out this horse.

  • We started feeling suspiciously ill on the way back. For me, it vaguely felt like a hangover (which would be legitimate) but Charlotte got a runny nose. We did a test immediately when we got home 😬

  • COVID has finally reached our household, I’m all clear for now but it’s probably only a matter of time because the line on Charlotte’s test looks like someone drew it on in thick Sharpie. Several hours after writing this I’m also feeling pretty rough 😬😬😬 there goes my theory that I’m super-immune.