Week 71: Butt Text

A week of office bribery, AI-based horoscopes, lots of good TV, late night karaoke, a visit to grandma, and a strong earworm.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Failing at not doom-scrolling and watching horrible videos.

  • In a blatant attempt to get us back to the office, my employer made our canteen free for March and April.

  • In unrelated news, I’ve been in the office 2.5 days this week.

  • Charlotte found an AI-based horoscope app (Co – Star) which we’ve both installed. It’s utterly ridiculous, but also I kind of love the daily Do/Don’t list. Today:

    • Do: Learning curve, WikiHow, and Books on tape.

    • Don’t: Espionage, Message in a bottle, Butt text.

    Did anyone else have to read that last one twice?

  • Aquarius Mercury 464 asks: 'how do i make this sadness go away'

    There’s also a feature where you can chat to people with the same signs as you which is just an infinite pool of quite depressing content.

  • We went to see Jennifer and Chris for some gentle wine drinking. It was very nice, Riley decided to snuggle up on my chest which I needed. Riley is a cat btw.

  • We finished watching One of Us Is Lying, I think it slightly tailed off for me towards the end and maybe we should have just binged it all in one.

  • We a couple of episodes away from finishing Cheaters which I’m enjoying quite a lot. Big fan of the 10-minute episodes. I think it handles some tough relationship topics pretty well and it’s also funny.

  • I’m down to 93 Dependabot PRs from 500 on my various open-source projects. I think the last leg is gonna be tough, I’m hitting a few nasty major version bumps.

  • On Saturday we went to Charlotte’s brother’s girlfriend’s 30th. It’s our first proper time going to a thing where we had to chat to proper strangers, I think I did pretty well after some initial awkward small talk. We went to the karaoke after and got home at 5 am 😬

  • I visited my grandma for the first time in ages and had a lovely time catching up. She’s doing quite well now that it’s been a full year since my grandad died, and she’s planning a trip to Yorkshire with my mum – something she just couldn’t do with my grandad’s mobility issues and care needs. I introduced her to Wordle (she loves word games and somehow hadn’t heard of it).

  • I got The Letter stuck in my head somehow and made a playlist based around it which I’ve been listening to non-stop.

    Give me a Ticket - a playlist on Spotify

    (Yeah I know I haven’t had the mental energy to find an alternative to Spotify yet after all the Joe Rogan and Not Paying Artists stuff. I will get to it soon)