Week 67: A Fistful of Soap

A week of many socials, a couple of dinners, eating a lot of coriander, cute nieces, cute cats, and some exciting future work.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It’s been a busy week! We had dinner with Gallal after writing last week’s note and met his and Euan’s new housemate who seems nice. Gallal made vegan chilli, it was delicious.

  • On Sunday we went for a walk along the Thames path around the Isle of Dogs with Luke, Euan, and Gallal. We stopped off in The Gun for a roast and stuck to just a few shandies. How wholesome of us, eh?

  • It’s safe to say I’m fully a coriander fan now. I was unsure back in week 30, but during the week I found myself shovelling fistfuls of it into my face while cooking this halloumi bake thing. Give me that soap!

  • Two very large and very fluffy cats eating treats

    On Wednesday I took a half-day at work and went to meet my new niece. Shem (my brother) and Miruna are clearly sleep-deprived and a little anxious, but their new daughter is very tiny and sweet. She didn’t cry when I held her which might be a first for me. They also have two beautiful cats who I’d like to steal. Great move on my part taking the half-day instead of trying to squeeze a visit into an evening 👍

  • On Thursday I met up with Andrew and Ed after work, I’ve barely seen these two throughout the pandemic and it’s comforting to just slip back into friendly conversation. We probably didn’t need to end up in a cocktail bar, and discovering that a stranger splashed sick on the sleeve of my coat really took me back to the before times.

  • I’m still enjoying work, which is lovely, despite a few times this week where issues fixed themselves before I could get to the bottom of them. The team had an almost mind-meld moment during our weekly meeting, and we’ve collectively come up with some exciting ideas to improve how customer support get to the root of live issues, and to aid us in debugging the production website. It’s gonna be so good if we can pull it off.

  • We had a more chilled weekend overall, just some board games with a few friends. We played Whirling Witchcraft again, not the most balanced game ever but the rounds are quick and a lot of fun.