Week 66: Cheesecake

A week of delicious cake, birthdays, cancelled pub quizzes, grandmother's ruin, happy times at work, and a beautiful gift to myself.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • A beautiful-looking cheesecake topped with Italian Meringue and a single candle

    It was my birthday on Wednesday. There’s often a lemony theme to my cakes, and this year Charlotte made a Lemon Meringue Cheesecake. It was delicious. I’m made of cake now.

  • I was supposed to go to a pub quiz, but the pub quiz got cancelled so we went for cocktails around the corner. It was quite a lot for a Wednesday but my lovely friends were very good at carrying out my wishes: stop me from buying shots when I’m drunk.

  • We finished Too Hot to Handle Season 3, started Archive 81 (seems good but too intense for a hangover so we only watched one), and binged all of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.

  • A bottle of gin next to a carton of prune juice

    My phone reminded me of the time I invented Grandmother’s Ruin. It got included in a “Taste of London 2019” memory which I think is a little bit too much praise but I’ll take it.

    Most of the rest of the video was fried chicken, bowls full of pre-chopped ingredients (because mise en place makes all cooking more enjoyable), and a small pile of D&D dice (our robot overlords have got some work to do before I’m worried).

  • I’ve been very happy at work this week. I’ve done a lot of debugging, been documenting some of the processes and tools that my team use, and have had some fun chats with Alex about building software that will help speed up our diagnosis of issues. Who’s this happy guy? Where’s he been?

  • Maybe some of my happiness is tied to the fact that my birthday present to myself arrived. I really need to stop burning through my buffer money but look at how beautiful it is ❤️

    A cosy-looking tweed armchair lit by a tall lamp