Week 65: Lamps

A week of Grafana dashboards, killing The Big Light, Too Hot to Handle, building better cities, visiting family, and seaside walks.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It felt like quite an uneventful week. I spent a fair bit of work time digging into our Grafana dashboards, which was fun.

  • A Tiffany style floor lamp with a brass stand.

    A lamp I bought on eBay got delivered, I love it. Soon the whole house will be free from the harsh glow of The Big Light.

  • We started watching season 3 of Too Hot to Handle. It’s great trash. Unfortunately, none of the contestants look like Simon Legg this year.

  • It’s taken since May but I think I’m finally getting the hang of My City. Over the last couple of games, I’ve gone from a very solid last place to a few points between me and first 🎉

  • I saw my uncle and aunt on Saturday, they came to see my flat and we went for some food nearby and a few drinks. It was actually lovely. I worked with this uncle as a kitchen fitter for a year between college and my first tech job and, as predicted, he spent a long time assessing the quality of my kitchen. We have good hinges apparently.

  • A green and brass bankers lamp.

    On Sunday we walked from Whitstable to Faversham, a very flat and easy 9 miles with nice sea views. We met Charlotte’s mum for dinner in Fav and felt very wholesome. We passed an antique shop and I bought another lamp, Charlotte thinks I have enough lamps now (I don’t).