Week 64: Adjourned

A week of infuriating cancellations, great vegetarian food, painting walls, winter coats, nighttime walks, and a new direction at work.

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  • Remember back in February 2021 when I wrote:

    In incredibly shitty news, the trial I was supposed to be a witness in next week has been delayed again until January 2022. I’ve spent the last few weeks mentally building myself up to this, and to have it pulled out from under me is pretty devastating. All the energy and preparation I’d put in has just kind of dissipated; I feel a bit hollow.

    Well, that happened again. The trial now isn’t until August. I’m really over this. I’ve taken a couple of days off work because tbh I can’t focus.

  • Another annoyance is that we’ve been isolating all week, which was kind of pointless. We broke our self-imposed isolation by going to The Light Bar in Shoreditch for some food. We’re being vegetarian for January in an effort to more permanently reduce our meat consumption, The Light Bar had some really delicious veggie and vegan options, I’ll probably go again.

  • I’m seeing mum and my sister this week as well, I’m glad we’ve finally arranged for them to come and visit my flat and I haven’t seen them this side of Christmas yet due to various isolations and COVID scares.

  • I fixed my lack of sleep with drugs! Thanks for the heads up, Alex, Nytol is magic and I’ve been using it a bit short-term while my brain won’t stop talking at me.

  • While we were not doing anything, we painted one of the walls in the living room. Just the one because we couldn’t be bothered to move any furniture and it also became apparent that I didn’t order enough paint. It’s so hard to capture the colour properly in a photo, this is kind of how it looks now (needs some touching up):

    A wall painted in a nice deep green
  • I finally bought a winter coat. It’s very cosy and a kind of mustardy colour that really reminds me of Glynn. There are worse people I could be reminded of I suppose.

  • A heron standing at the edge of a canal at night

    Now armed with a better coat, we’ve been doing some regular nighttime walks. Here’s a heron we saw in Wapping the other day, just chilling.

  • I started working on my new team, embedding directly in the FT.com support team for a while. My pre-trial self wasn’t the most productive but I did a bunch of gnarly debugging and actually wrote code which was delightful.