Week 61: Christmas Jab

A week of Christmas celebrations, booster jabs, too much food, wild numbers of sick people, lots of Minecraft, and throwing money at Disney/Marvel.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Merry Christmas!

  • My pre-Christmas treat to myself was going to see Spider-Man: No Way Home (#nospoilers). It’s no secret that I’ll just watch anything Marvel chucks out, but I think I agree that this is one of their best films, I loved it. I’ve been to the Genesis Cinema a couple of times now, it’s so cheap and infinitely better than some of the bigger cinemas.

  • I got my booster 🎉 no queuing and super-efficient, and I had a nice chat about Java with the doctor who injected me.

  • We’ve still (according to all the tests we’ve done) not had COVID, against all the odds. The numbers are wild, stay safe everyone.

  • Charlotte’s mum stayed for Christmas, we chatted to everyone else over video call because a stupid number of people we know have COVID now.

  • Christmas dinner was excellent, as usual. I love cooking it and, of course, we broke out the festive spreadsheet again.

  • Minecraft is just the best game, isn’t it? Especially with friends, I love popping on the server and exploring the new buildings that have cropped up.

  • Anyway have a lovely new year 👋 hopefully 2022 is less of a shitstorm eh?