Week 60: Wings of East

A week of ups and downs at work, an awful lot of Minecraft, some Christmas films, delicious fried chicken, and some paint decisions.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • This was a long and pretty stressful work week, feeling really happy that the year’s nearly over. I’m working all of next week but most people aren’t, so fingers crossed it’s nice and quiet and I can focus a bit. On the plus side, our surprise bonus arrived in my December pay packet 🎉

  • Also, at work, we had our annual viewing of Die Hard. It’s one of my favourite work afternoons of the year, it worked really well remote, we just synced up start times. I left with a lot of warm fuzzy feelings about how great and funny my colleagues are.

  • I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft again. We (a group of friends I play on a server with) have started a new world now that 1.18 has launched, it’s a lot of fun starting from scratch. I’m trying to take it a little slower than last time and not getting end game equipment really early.

  • A few more Christmas film reviews from this week:

    • A Castle for Christmas was a solid entry into the Netflix Holiday Movie Universe, it was nice and easy watching and has an excellent cameo 👀 I give it three castles 🏰🏰🏰

    • Last Christmas was ok but it felt like it was trying too hard tbh. I wouldn’t watch it again, unlike most Christmas films. I give it a pair of socks 🧦🧦

  • We finally tried Wings of East (despite it having played havoc with Adam’s digestive system). I’m still mulling it over, but it might be the best chicken shop I’ve ever been to. I don’t say that lightly, and I’m gonna need to try it again a few times.

  • I finally decided on some paint for my living room! We’ve gone with Victory Colours Pepper Tree Green and Skylark which will hopefully work nicely together. I’m excited to get painting!

  • Now that a decision has been made, the patch wall in the living room has been repurposed; it’s now our Christmas tree (or it was until we impulse-bought a half-price one in Sainsbury’s).

    A series of paint patches gathered together to form the shape of a Christmas tree