Week 55: Germs

A week of many meals out, lots of cute new plant friends, paint samples, nasty germ spreaders, and a tasty lasagna.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We went to the pub with Charlotte’s dad and had a nice catch-up. Nothing beats a home Sunday roast, but The White Hart’s one is pretty great!

  • We went for Turkish food with Luke, and after several failed attempts (unexpectedly closed restaurants), we tried Wood Mangal based on a quick Google and it was delicious, also exactly the right level of chilled out for all our moods.

  • The plants I ordered from Patch arrived! More plant friends!

  • We’ve been buying and trying paint samples, some from Lick and some from Dulux, struggling to find the exact shades we want. I think maybe we’re going a bit too dark with the colours, but I guess we can just eventually repaint if we hate it 🤷 we bought a couple of Farrow & Ball samples just in case.

  • I went into the office, it was the busiest it’s been in a long time but it was great to see everyone! I got just a little carried away with the wine after work and Friday was a struggle.

  • We went for a little 6 mile walk around Epping forest over the weekend with some friends. It was perfect walking weather: a little cold with crips autumn leaves everywhere.

  • I’m sick. It’s not COVID, according to the tests, but I have a sore throat and am feeling very run down. I blame the office, does anyone want to own up to spreading their gross germs?

  • We made a pretty delicious butternut squash lasagna, and I got out the pasta machine for the first time in forever. It was fun! I should make pasta more. We spent a fairly solid 3 hours prepping and cooking and I think it was worth it.

    A delicious-looking lasagna with a crispy top and lots of fried sage