Week 54: Drill Bits

A week of reorganising rooms, spending butt-loads of money on power tools, lovely dinners with Euan, getting my hands dirty with some pairing, and gentle roastings all around.

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  • It’s been a relatively quiet week, Charlotte’s been out quite a lot of and I’ve been pootling around doing stuff around the house.

  • A view of my living room, with a corner sofa now positioned by the window

    This place is feeling more and like home, I dismantled the sofa bed and dining table and switched them around, the living room feels a lot more spacious now and there’s less and less stuff that doesn’t have a place to live.

  • Next up is painting! We’re being a bit indecisive about colours, but I’ve ordered a lot of paint samples to try a few things. On Saturday we went to Canary Wharf (a nice walk along the Thames path) and then got the tube to the closest Home Base. I finally bought myself a drill, a mountain of decorating equipment, and hundreds of interesting-looking drill bits that I don’t know how to use. It’s very exciting! I’m looking forward to making the walls less bare with lots of art.

  • A nice bonus of living so close to friends is that Euan pinged us late on Friday to ask if we wanted to go for food. We did. It was excellent.

  • I really enjoyed a little pairing with Ania this week, I think it was helpful for both of us! I’d like more of this, if any of the FT people reading could use a hand with a nice self-contained piece of work then I’ll always try and make time 🙂

  • Alice ran a social for our broader team at work, it was a lot of fun! It’s been a while since we had one and it was so nice to see everyone in a more social context. Gentle good-spirited roastings were had by all. I need to pull my finger out and stop letting Kara do all the work for the social we’ve been vaguely planning for months 😬 sorry Kara.