Week 51: Tetris

A week of fighting moths, being great at packing, sorting cables, lots of Minecraft, being super excited for good internet, and some reduced stress levels.

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  • I think I’ve won the war against the moths. It was really important that no larvae survive the purge and get a free ride to my new flat. My victory wasn’t without losses: I said goodbye to a couple of old cushions that I didn’t like; one of my favourite scarves is quite moth-eaten now, but maybe I’ll lean into the elderly librarian look this winter.

  • A large pile of neatly packed boxes full of my possessions

    I’m fucking excellent at packing. I’ve been enjoying spending my evenings playing box Tetris and being super organised about the whole thing. All my paperwork is categorised in plastic wallets, most of the junk drawers in the flat have had a good sort through, and many near-empty bottles of stuff have been emptied and recycled.

  • Lots of different cables neatly rolled up in small bags

    A couple of weeks ago, Chee shared a great idea. I have now rolled up my cables and put them in labelled bags. This pleased me. I mean I probably don’t need most of these still, but 🤷

    I’m excited for the first time somebody asks me for a very specific cable and I can hand them a little bag.

  • Me, Chris, and Luke on horseback in Minecraft

    I played two Minecraft “speedrun"s this week, thanks to Chris for suggesting. The first was a pretty standard one with just me, Chris, and Luke - some highlights include 3x desert temples, 3x saddles, and riding to the stronghold on horseback. I also pulled off an MLG water while fighting the dragon which was exciting.

    The second “speedrun” never got completed, we tried starting in the Nether and spawned in a Crimson forest. As well as being really difficult, it feels like a massive grind having to find gold to barter with.

  • OMG I’m so excited, I got internet sorted for my new flat and it’s being installed a couple of days before we move 🎉 I’ve been putting up with 15MB download speeds (on a good day) and/or tethering to my phone for the last 3 years, so I treated myself to the 1GB Hyperoptic package. The best part is that Chris pinged me to let me know that they’re doing this package for £20/mo for their 10th birthday 👀

  • I’m getting really good at Sudoku, I’ve played through a lot of Cracking the Cryptic’s classic puzzles and finally actually understand some of the logic behind more complex solving techniques. It’s fun to use my brain.

  • I had a 1:1 with Alice which has reduced my stress levels significantly, I’m not really feeling the Sunday dread. Thanks, Alice ❤️

  • The next time I write weeknotes will be in the new flat 🙂