Week 50: Exchange!

A week of legally binding contracts, transferring large sums of money, giving away our stuff, lovely chats in The Sea Horse, and fighting with our growing moth population.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I exchanged contracts on my flat! I’m finally legally locked into buying this flat and I’m really excited. I’ll be collecting the keys on the 19th of October πŸŽ‰ I’m not sure if it’s properly hit me yet. I booked a moving van and have spent a bunch of time clearing out stuff and packing.

  • It’s been such a long process. I got an offer accepted way back in March. That’s 30 weeknotes ago!

  • Maybe the scariest thing I’ve ever done (definitely in the top 5) is calling my bank to transfer most of my savings to my solicitor. They really hammer home at every opportunity that you might be falling victim to a scam.

  • Olio is one of the most useful apps I’ve downloaded in recent times. It’s really saved me from throwing away a lot of stuff that someone else might find useful, and it feels nice because everyone’s always happy when they come to pick up free shit.

  • I’m not drinking for October. It’s something Charlotte does every year and it’s nice to cut down a bit occasionally. Alcohol-free beers have gotten quite good.

  • I didn’t skip Legg Day. I went into the office on Monday, mostly to see Simon who was visiting from Berlin. I had a good coffee wander and gossip with Alex, some lovely chats in The Sea Horse, and caught up a bit with Daisy.

  • We finished the last season of Lucifer. It’s a ridiculous show, but I did find myself getting back into it towards the end. Lucifer mentions Bones at least three times that we counted, which reminded us to pick that back up and we’ve been binging while we pack.

  • While emptying the bottoms of cupboards and under the beds, I found the source of the increasing number of carpet moths in this flat: an old wool hot water bottle cover. There were lots of tiny larvae 🀒 I doused everything in moth spray and put out some more traps, but I think fire might be the only answer.

  • We got a new washing machine! We’re frantically getting everything fixed in this flat before we hand in our notice, so that money isn’t taken from our deposit. What this means is that the next tenants will have a lot of shiny new stuff that we should have got sorted a lot earlier. Oh well.

  • Facebook eh? What a trash fire. I saw some scary maps over the course of the week describing the impact of their outage, particularly WhatsApp. I find it terrifying how many people rely on one company for all their online communication.