Week 49: Chips and Mayo

A week of welsh countryside, failing to exchange, birthday scones, a cute cat friend, perfecting some chips, and some sightseeing by car.

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  • I didn’t exchange on my flat this week despite saying I would last week. My solicitor hasn’t been contactable at all. Maybe I’ll be able to get in touch with them this week? Who knows. This probably means I need to pay an extra unnecessary month of central London rent 🎉

  • Me sipping a cold Stella in a hot tub

    Despite the irritating house news, I had a lovely week in Wales! It was very relaxing, and despite not really making a lot of plans I had a great time. Here’s me enjoying a cold Stella in a hot tub.

  • It was Luke’s birthday while we were away, we went for a walk and had scones. Happy birthday, Luke!

  • Riley chilling under a chair

    Riley (Jenn and Chris’s cat) came with us. It was bittersweet spending a week with a cat.

    I played with him in boxes a lot, which I used to do with Tootsie. By the end of the week, he was pretty chill with all of us and he’s a cute little lad.

  • We ran a development kitchen (which is turning into a holiday staple) where you pick a food item and try as many ways of making it as possible to see which is best. We did onion rings in the past (tempura batter with sparkling water was best) and this time we did chips and mayonnaise.

    For me, the best chips were parboiled, frozen, and then deep-fried. Do not make mayonnaise with Olive Oil, it’s very bitter. Charlotte’s garlic mayo sticking to vegetable oil was amazing though.

  • I drove an automatic for the first time, it’s very easy, there’s barely anything to do. We managed to avoid queues for petrol on the way home 😬 though driving a 7-seater through the middle of Knightsbridge and Westminster was maybe a mistake.