Week 48: Sheep Rescuers

A week of great flat buying news, a couple of Jägerbombs, 3D printing, a long drive to Wales, a hot tub, and rescuing a lost sheep.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m going to exchange on my flat next week! I’m excited but it still doesn’t quite feel real, I’m almost waiting for another issue to crop up. Hopefully, we’ll complete a week or two into September 🤞

  • I popped over to Gallal’s (my new flat is about a minute’s walk from his house). We had a few beers and I helped him set up his 3D printers, it was fun! I haven’t done any printing since before the pandemic, I forgot how magical it is turning on a machine and getting an object out.

  • On Wednesday I went into the office, the highlight was having a couple of Jägerbombs with Arjun for the first time in forever. We snuck off to the bar so that we didn’t have to buy a big round of them (sorry everyone else) and it was delightful.

  • I think this was the longest work week I’ve ever had. Tuesday felt like Friday.

  • We’ve gone away! I’m writing this weeknote from a lovely big house in Wales, on a big wooden table, in a cute kitchen with an AGA. I’m enjoying myself a lot.

  • We went walking for a couple of hours, investigated a castle, and rescued a sheep who’d managed to get out of the field. I learned how to safely identify some mushrooms but I’m not confident enough to actually pick or eat any – someone dying would be pretty awkward and probably spoil the holiday.

  • There’s a hot tub, I had some champagne in it. Bliss.

Me, Charlotte, and Luke looking out over some rolling hills full of sheep