Week 47: Mortgage Offer

A week of obscene amounts of money, getting excited about cardboard boxes, lovely coffees with friends, three months of crosswords, and a celebratory meal.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I finally have an actual mortgage offer! I started applying back in June. It’s taken this long due to several failed attempts (deck access), some very inefficient people, and the lender checking all the fire safety docs extremely fastidiously. I did a little dance around the flat when I heard.

  • Now my solicitor is being the blocker. They’re being quite slow and it’s looking a little unrealistic that we’ll complete by the end of September. This doesn’t impact me too much, but it will cost the sellers more in stamp duty on their next place 😬

  • I bought some boxes! I’m a big fan of packing at a nice slow pace, far earlier than is really reasonable. Everything feels more real now, I can’t wait to get out of this flat.

  • I timed my office trip this week to coincide with Mel being there, and we had our first in-person mentoring session for around 18 months. Mel’s an ace person and I’ve missed grabbing coffee with her.

  • My crossword leaderboard website is three months old, and several of us have managed to do the crossword solidly over that time (as evidenced by our shiny three-month awards). If you’re an FT person who likes crosswords then let me know!

  • We went for a meal to celebrate Charlotte’s continued recovery, it was lovely to do something that feels normal. We’ve been slowly increasing the length of our walks to ease us both back in – we’ve been very lazy since the surgery.

  • I’ve been a professional software engineer for 13.7 years as of today! Thanks Arjun for the reminder – I forgot to add it to my calendar.

  • I’m getting a real hankering to play Minecraft again, and might play a bit while I’m away and have more time. The first 1.18 snapshot was released and the new caves and mountains look amazing.