Week 46: Slapped Wrist

A week of architecture diagrams, booking holidays, signing contracts, a bunch of new TV, and being overenthusiastic about boozing again.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I spent two days in the office this week and got to hang out with a lot of lovely people. I spent a bunch of time collaborating on architecture diagrams for some future work – I think that this is where being in a shared physical space really works for me. Two days in the office is exhausting though, I’m going to have to slowly build up to being in for longer periods.

  • We finally booked a countryside trip with some friends and will be staying in a big house later in September. I was originally going to work for some of it, but have treated myself to a full week off. I’m excited about having a break but rapidly running out of annual leave.

  • I signed and sent the contract and deed to my solicitor for the flat I’m buying. Technically we can’t exchange yet because I’m still waiting for a formal mortgage offer (my broker thinks it should come through next week 🤞). I guess I should be pleased that they’re so fastidiously checking the fire safety documents.

  • We started watching American Horror Story. I’m not very good with horror, might be one to watch more slowly so there’s recovery time between episodes.

  • We went for dinner, a show, and drinks with Tammy and I had a great time. Co&Ko was delicious (Korean small plates), and I got a little too enthusiastic with the drinking and having long chats with strangers.

  • I paid for the fun with a horrible hangover and finding out that someone stole my debit card and withdrew £400 🤦 I’ve been refunded with a slapped wrist from my bank. The kind Lloyds fraud division employee reminded me that it’s important to be security-conscious and cover my pin when inebriated.

  • We rewatched all of Good Omens on our hangover day. I think it was even better on a second watch.