Week 45: Coaching

A week of catching up with people, playing with Architect, binge-watching Castle, career coaching, house news, and a night of Kalimotxo Blondes.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I popped into the office on Wednesday, I miss seeing people and now that I’ve stopped isolating I might try and head in weekly. I caught up with Kara and it was lovely.

  • I’ve got a copy of my contract and deed! Things are actually moving with my flat purchase! It’s only taken 6 months so far 😓

  • I’ve been playing with Architect a bit, I have a bit of a knowledge gap when it comes to AWS and it’s been a nice easy introduction to it. I found myself writing a bunch of extra code to avoid lots of boilerplate, which maybe I don’t need to. Also, I can’t get Architect to populate environment variables in production, which is odd.

  • We’ve been watching a lot of Castle, it’s very similar to Bones but less good and more relaxing.

  • I had a first career coaching session at work, I spoke a lot about motivation, it’s really difficult to know whether my issues are related to all the outside-of-work stuff I’m dealing with, or whether I need to rethink my role a bit (or a mix of both). My coach gave me some useful tools to help me work this out before our next session.

  • We went for some drinks at Gallal’s and I had a lot of Monster and white wine. My body isn’t used to that much caffeine anymore and I didn’t get home until 5 am 😬 We both deserve a very lazy weekend.