Week 44: Genius

A week of cute babies, lots of fun pull requests, stress and exhaustion, being Spelling Bee geniuses, and ramping up my map-drawing ambitions.

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  • We’re no longer isolating, which is great! Leigh-Ann popped round with her baby, he’s very cute – all smiles and laughter. It was nice to talk to another human in person. On Saturday Charlotte and I did a circuit of Archbishop’s Park which really tired her out, I think full recovery might take quite a while.

  • Looking after someone is exhausting. I have no idea how parents do it, I have a willing, cooperative person who can rationally explain their needs to me and I’m still so so tired. The days are going quickly at least, it’s harder to be bored when every 5–10 minutes between meetings is dedicated to caring.

  • Speaking of work I had such a great week, I opened seven whole PRs and I feel like I achieved something. I also paired a bunch with Gallal and Estefanía, which was delightful, and wrote part of a proposal for a new longer-term piece of work which hopefully I’ll get to stay involved with 🤞

  • A screenshot of the Spelling Bee screen, it says: Genius, you've reached the highest rank, with 52 words and 313 points.

    Charlotte and I are geniuses (at least according to the NYT Spelling Bee). Pretty proud of ourselves.

  • Alice mentioned the Holmes and Rahe stress scale to me a while ago. It’s based on a late 60s study that correlates life changes/stress to illness. A score of 300 or more as an “80% chance of health breakdown within the next 2 years”. I’m at 442 😬

  • Again via Alice, I found out about whostyles which is a possible fun direction for the continued Indiewebifying of my website.

  • I’m still drawing maps for D&D . I’ve set myself a much bigger task to map out my region’s capital city, which is going to take considerably longer than the 1–2 hours I normally spend on a map. I’ve drawn and inked the city walls and am starting to lay out the roads, I’m going to stitch it together digitally as I only have an A4 scanner.

    Six sheets of A4 grid paper laid out with city walls drawn in a large circle across all of them.