Week 42: Tootsie

A week of moping around the house, crying, terrible phone calls, crying some more, and feeling a bit empty.

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Content-warning: illness and death

  • We’ve gone from a great week to an utterly shitty one.

  • On Tuesday our cat, Tootsie, died at the vet. We were on our way to see him after a stressful day of phone calls. I’m devastated, it was all so sudden.

  • He wasn’t really eating after we got back from our trip. At first, we thought he was annoyed with us but got worried after a second day so we took him to the vet where he stayed overnight. Eventually one of the scans revealed that he had a mass in his chest and fluid on his lungs, and he deteriorated quickly from there.

  • I took some time off work. I keep crying.

  • We gave him a lovely couple of years, he was a happy cat and spent his time following me and Charlotte around the house purring. I feel really grateful for the little bit of time we had with him.

  • We knew a rapid decline was a possibility, Toots being an FIV /FeLV cat. Knowing that his immune system was fucked didn’t make it any easier though. We thought we had a year or two more.

  • I feel like I’m rambling. I’m just going to share some pictures of the best cat.