Week 39: Cold Wet Flannel

A week of work rounders, new Rowans, melting cats, a mid-year review, and a fun stag do where I learned something I'm unexpectedly good at.

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  • I went to play Rounders with the Product & Tech department at the Financial Times. It was lovely, it’s been so long since I’ve seen many of my colleagues in person. I also got to meet some of the people who have joined since Lockdown began (they’re all just as nice in person as online), and I met Anna’s baby, she’s very cute.

  • Tootsie laying on the floor with a wet flannel draped over his body.

    We always have amazing weather for Rounders, this week has been beautiful if a little melty. We’ve been giving Toots a cold wet flannel, and he seems to enjoy it.

  • I had my mid-year review finally, it seems I’m doing well at my job but it is fairly clear that I’m burning out. I got great feedback on the last promotion round which makes me feel more chill about working on this one.

    I need to stretch my technical muscles more too – I have a tendency to pick up any people issues or reactive work that crops up, and I have a lot to offer on the more technical side of my role. Generally positive but with some useful stuff to work on is an ideal feedback round 👍

  • Rowan holding a revolver and aiming down a shooting range.
    Here I am shooting at pretend zombies

    I went on a stag do! We spent most of the weekend in an Airbnb playing board games with some light drinking, which was exactly my speed and didn’t feel COVID-unsafe. We also cooked a bit and didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money, which was great.

    The best new game I played was Fury of Dracula, it’s a really fun co-op game with one player taking the role of Dracula and trying to win by beating all of the hunters.

    The only stag-like thing we did was going to a shooting and archery place. It turns out that shooting guns is not only more fun than I expected, but I’m weirdly good at it and got the highest score on each range.