Week 38: Searches

A week of being sensible, visiting family, a lot of code for code's sake, looking forward to seeing work friends, and finally committing money to my flat purchase.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m still pretty exhausted. We did very little this week – we’re being a little more careful after our COVID scare and isolation. We really don’t want to have to cancel our trip to Scotland in August 😬

  • What I did do was go and visit my family for my grandma’s birthday, the first time we’ve been out of London in a while. The weather held up and it was such a nice change of pace spending the day relaxing in her garden.

  • Every summer the Product & Tech department at the FT play rounders in Regents Park, it’s a lot of fun and it’s back this year! We’re going to spectate and I’m really excited to see some friends in person. I’ll hopefully get to meet a bunch of the people who have joined since Lockdown too.

  • I’m still coding a lot in my spare time, slowly turning this website into a reusable Hugo theme. I think I’m just doing stuff for the sake of it, like maybe adding integration tests to your personal website is a bit much?

  • I committed actual money to my flat purchase for searches, things are finally happening! I first viewed this place four months ago which feels like forever.

  • The closer I get to buying a flat, the more I hate the one I’m living in. By the time we move it’ll have no redeeming features in my eyes.

  • I’m melting.