Week 37: No Sleep

A week of more isolation, lots of trouble sleeping, playing Northgard with friends, and a whole lot of obsessing over Webmention.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It was a very uneventful week, mostly due to isolation.

  • We went back to work after our brief non-holiday, feeling really run-down and tired. I’m struggling to sleep before 2 am and just not getting enough, and I think that’s the main issue. I took some time off sick towards the end of the week just to try and catch up a bit. On Saturday night all my progress was undone – I got two hours of sleep because someone outside kept ringing our buzzer 😩

  • I’m stupid for caving, but I volunteered to lead the promotion round again. We’re running out of time quickly, there are quite a few of us principal engineers on holiday, and I still have the process in my head from last time, so it kind of makes sense. RIP my stress levels.

  • I spent a lovely impromptu evening playing Northgard with Gallal and Luke. It’s really fun, and each game only lasts around an hour. It feels like it’s easy to learn and difficult to master, and the graphics are pretty. This one isn’t particularly resource-intensive, but I keep being impressed at how well my MacBook can run games.

  • Gonna sick in my mouth a bit saying this, but football might be coming home? I think we as a country will be unbearable whichever way it goes. My real dilemma is whether I actually want Italy to win because winning Eurovision and the Euros in the same year would be lovely for them.

  • I found out via Webmention (this technology is just so cool) that a nice person in Scotland follows my blog, James’ Coffee Blog has lots of useful info and tips.

  • I wrote a long blog post about Webmention which explains how to add them to a static website like this one. I’m pleased with it, and I’m intending to get more involved in some IndieWeb stuff. Nothing public yet, but I started building a Node.js-based Webmention receiver to better understand the spec and how everything fits together.