Week 36: Isolation

A week of isolating at home, cancelled plans, a third mortgage application, an awful lot of TV, and some roller coaster building.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We got contact traced. We saw a friend after work and they got a positive test result the next day, which means we have to isolate for 10 days. We had a big shop delivered.

  • We had to cancel our holiday plans as a result. We were going to a house in the country with some friends, it really sucks that we can’t go – the timing is terrible. Also typical that we can go an entire pandemic without incident and then have to isolate the day before a trip. Oh well, we’re still taking the time off as it’s much needed.

  • On a positive note, cancelling our rental car paid for the 18 bottles of Champagne we ordered for the trip. It’ll last us a bit longer now too.

  • I don’t have COVID. Charlotte’s test results haven’t arrived yet but hopefully she’s negative too.

  • My mortgage deck access appeal was unsuccessful, so moving onto application #3. It feels like maybe it’s a good thing, because some new rates came onto the market and this new mortgage is considerably cheaper overall, so I think this is positive? Also, they’re fine with deck access so 🤞

  • A lot of TV is happening in isolation.

  • We’re watching Too Hot to Handle, which is a nice level of trashy. I think Cam looks like Simon Legg and Cillian Murphy had a baby. I want to be in a beautiful villa in the sun please, but with nicer people.

    Simon Legg + Cillian Murphy = Cam from Too Hot to Handle
    Don't you think?
  • We picked The West Wing back up (it’s my first time, no spoilers please). Holy shit the final episodes of Season 4 though! I’m not used to this show making me feel so on-edge.

  • I’ve been enjoying Loki so much. Charlotte refuses to watch anything Marvel-related, I can’t get enough of it and I recognise at this point I’m just going to keep throwing money at Disney until they stop making them or I die.

  • Charlotte and I started playing Planet Coaster together, we both liked Roller Coaster Tycoon as kids and this feels like a spiritual successor. It’s fun so far, but way more involved than Two Point Hospital.

  • I added a shortcut to switch between next/previous weeknotes (to be more IndieWeb). You can use the arrow buttons at the top of this post, or you can use the left/right arrow keys.