Week 34: £137,000

A week of thinking about dad, second flat viewings, paying London rent for 7 years, and making my static website searchable.

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  • I’m posting this early because it’s Charlotte’s birthday on Sunday and I’m gonna be pretty busy all weekend. Today (Saturday) we’re going to see her dad and brother for a meal, and then tomorrow we’ll be drinking a lot of Champagne and playing mini-golf.

  • My dad standing amongst trees and holding me as a baby
    Dad and me back in 1988

    Wednesday marked 15 years since my dad died. We’re rapidly approaching the point where I’ll only have known him for half of my life, which is wild. Becky (sister) and I had a nice phone call and chatted about it, it definitely impacts us less year on year which feels sad somehow.

  • I went to view my flat a second time, and have renewed excitement about the whole process (it’s lovely). I have a solicitor, mortgage application stuff is happening, I was very happy until my first mortgage application got rejected due to Halifax’s maximum borrowing amount. Oh well, onto the next lender!

  • Since I moved to London 7 years ago I’ve paid ~£137,000 in rent. Trying not to get too annoyed about that.

  • I played Catan for the first time in years, I forgot how unbalanced it can be (especially with 5 players). I came second, which I’m happy with.

  • My website tweaking continues, this week I spent a few evenings on and off implementing search! It was a fun challenge because this is a static Hugo website; I had to get creative.

    • I decided an acceptable fallback for my site’s core experience was a Google site search, so if JavaScript doesn’t load for whatever reason you can still find stuff relatively easily. The search box (in the header up there ☝️) by default sends your query off to Google with a sitesearch=rowanmanning.com parameter.

    • For the enhanced search, I decided to try out Lunr to index and search my content. Hugo is super powerful, I hacked together a JSON content type for my home page which is just a dump of all my site content. I lazy-load this JSON when someone uses search to keep the initial page weight down and create an index with Lunr.

    • For the displaying of search results, I used the Government Digital Service Accessible autocomplete, it’s so well put together and I found it painless to set up (well done GDS team). I custom styled it to fit in better with the rest of this website.

    • I set up a couple of keyboard shortcuts (try typing / or cmd+k) using Hotkeys.js – I initially tried building something myself but then realised something stable and well tested made more sense.

    • All of this is the first JavaScript I’ve added to this website, and everything still works without it 👍

  • I started working on a longer-form blog post about implementing Webmention, it’s going to be quite a big read I think 😬 - hopefully chee is OK waiting for a while.