Week 33: Fire Safety

A week of house buying progress, new characters, sun and champagne with friends, and a lot of time spent learning how webmentions work.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m applying for a mortgage! I never thought I’d be so happy to see a fire safety form, but the flat I’d like to buy now has an EWS1 form and I might print it and frame it. I’ve instructed a solicitor and I’m finally beginning the long process of handing over all my personal details ready to be scrutinised.

    I suddenly feel guilty about perfectly ordinary things in my bank statements 😬

  • I unlocked a new character in Gloomhaven! Both of my previous characters have been ranged spellcasters, and this one is all about melee combat and it’s really difficult. I nearly died instantly but it was fun. My board game group only really have time to play once a month at the moment so I find myself looking forward to our sessions a lot more.

  • It’s still a bit tough getting excited about work, but I’ve pushed myself to be a bit more technical over the last week or so and I think it’s helping (slowly).

  • Hasn’t the sun been amazing? We went and drank champagne on Jenn and Chris’s balcony and it was delightful.

  • We finished watching Lucifer because of sunk cost. It was predictably cringey.

  • I’ve had a whale of a time implementing Webmentions on this website. Thank you chee for introducing me to them! So far I’ve only implemented receiving mentions, but publishing is on its way. Here are some dull technical details (I might write a long-form post later):

    • This is a static site built with Hugo and hosted on GitHub Pages, so it’d be difficult to implement my own /webmention endpoint. I set up Webmention.io as a receiver for now.

    • Most of the interactions on the stuff I write comes from Twitter, so I set up Bridgy to listen for any tweets mentioning this website, or likes and retweets on my tweets about this website.

    • For displaying webmentions on my site, I took some inspiration from this guide which outlines how to use GitHub actions to poll for new mentions. I now have an action that runs every 30 minutes to fetch new mentions from the Webmention.io API and save them as JSON in the repo. My script isn’t pretty but it works 🙂

    • My page templates now look for a matching JSON file and render webmentions beneath the content. You can see this on any of my blog posts or weeknotes (see Writing a Friendly Readme). I’m excited about it:

      A screenshot of the "Responses" section of one of my blog posts, showing social interactions with the post and a form to submit your own mentions of the page.
  • OK, that’s enough weeknoting. We’re going to take Tootsie to the park on his harness for the first time 🥺❤️👋