Week 32: Daisy Chain

A week of sunny parks, wearing shorts at every opportunity, some improvements to my mood, and fun racing games.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Rowan kneeling down and putting a daisy chain around Charlotte's neck, they're sat on a picnic blanket in a sunny park
    I think we look cute here

    I spent a lot of the bank holiday weekend enjoying the sun in Archbishop’s Park. It was exactly the right level of busy, and I managed not to burn.

  • On Monday I saw Shem, my brother, and met his partner for the first time. It was lovely to sit and have coffee with them by the south bank, I find it really hard to get past small talk during virtual catch-ups and it’s been far too long since Shem and I talked properly. He’s finally moved out of my mum’s house and I think it’s doing him a lot of good.

  • I took a short notice day off on Tuesday because I really just couldn’t face going to work. Worrying eh? I’m grateful I work somewhere where I can be open about my mental state, and the extra day definitely helped. I spent a lot of the day outside walking.

  • My attitude to work improved a lot throughout the week, and I felt productive at times. I’m getting to be in a few meetings where we discuss actual code and that’s great. I also ran what I think was a good introductory session to our Engineering Progression Working Group, which ended the week nicely.

  • On Friday I went into the office again, mostly to see Lee, which was a delight. We went on a very rainy walk to Borough Market for lunch, I was very underdressed for rain in my shorts and T-shirt.

  • I played some board games in person! It was so much fun, we played Space Base but the highlight for me was PitchCar. It’s a super simple racing game where you flick your car around a track to complete three laps but you have to avoid falling off or knocking another player off. I laughed a lot and it’s fun regardless of whether you’re in the lead (I wasn’t).