Week 31: Vaccine

A week of sore arms, feeling useless, an awful lot of Minecraft, and delicious blended banana.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I had my first jab, I’m part-vaccinated! As a kid, I was super scared of needles, which I told the person injecting me, but it was fine 🎉 The St Thomas’ vaccination centre was so efficient – I’m pretty impressed. It’s also nice being able to pop across the road for it. My arm aches but no other side effects.

  • I feel like I’ve been near-useless at work this week. I just can’t get motivated, then I guilt spiral because I feel like I’m letting down my colleagues by getting very little finished. So that’s fun. I think part of the issue is too much context-switching, and I need to cancel a few meetings and get better at carving out time to get focused work done.

  • Charlotte was busy every evening this week so I played a lot of Minecraft. I set up a server with the Create mod, Luke and I have been building some big contraptions to automate producing resources. I love how much the automation in this mod feels in keeping with vanilla Minecraft.

  • I’m gonna go into the office again next week because Lee is coming down from Sheffield and I haven’t seen him in 18 months. I’m genuinely excited for some more small talk with whoever else is in.

  • Charlotte discovered an AMAZING thing we can do with the blender via the internet. You chop up and freeze a couple of bananas, then blend them with a little bit of milk until they’re completely smooth and slightly frothy. The texture is exactly like ice cream and it’s delicious.

  • The weather on Friday and Saturday has made me a lot happier, and next week at work feels more achievable already. Maybe I just needed a bit of sun in my life? I’m gonna go and have a few drinks outside.