Week 28: Crusty Ears

A week of fish tacos, simplified communication, very painful ears (thanks Apple), and my rule-breaking family.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We went to Wahaca with Leigh-Ann and Andy and met their baby, Arthur. He’s very small and squished up and looks like an old man. The South Bank is rammed nowadays and I’m kind of glad to be moving somewhere less touristy.

  • I’ll hopefully have a little clarity on my flat purchase soon! It turns out that my mortgage broker works for the same large firm that manages the building I want to buy a flat in, which has shortened the chain of communication considerably. So I should have some more concrete dates on cladding issues being fixed as we now have a direct Building Manager > Broker line rather than Building Manager > Current Owners > Estate Agent > Me > Broker.

  • I found out the painful way that I’m allergic to something in Apple AirPods Pro 😬 I had what I thought was an ear infection ages ago, stopped using headphones because they hurt to put in, and it eventually cleared itself up. I used them (with brand new tips) earlier this week and had an almost immediate reaction (apparently so do a bunch of people). It’s almost better now and I bought some non-silicone replacement tips which I’ll try when I’m feeling brave. I also used it as an excuse to replace my very old wired over-ear headphones with AKG N60NCs which so far are great – the active noise cancelling pretty much blocks out all the train screeching from Waterloo. Work is a lot more peaceful and I’m finding it easier to focus.

  • I tested myself (negative again) and went to visit my grandma and mum. It was so lovely to see them, but there’s a constant stressor while I’m there because my family are basically ignoring every COVID rule there is. I guess it’s a little different out of the city but I find myself biting my tongue a bit.

  • Are we all looking forward to “friendly contact, intimate contact, between friends and family” being restored? 🤦