Week 27: Fish Cake

A week of cute birthday boys, blogging again, many crosswords, and a 10-mile walk which my body wasn't prepared for.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I finished the first draft of my blog post about the virtual treasure hunt that Glynn and I ran. Hopefully, with some feedback, it’ll be published in the next week or so. I’m mostly pleased I got a draft finished – I’d definitely been procrastinating to avoid it.

  • A cake made of tuna and whole small fish, surrounded by a ring of dreamies, and topped with a candle. Tootsie is being held back from eating the cake while the candle is lit.

    It was Tootsie’s birthday this week. We use his date of adoption and we think he’s 6 now. We celebrated by buying him a toy he’s not very interested in and making him a delicious cake that he inhaled.

  • It’s been interesting to see Basecamp implode over the last week. These snowflake CEOs eh?

  • I’m still going strong on the crosswords, and I’m finally able to beat Jenn relatively regularly on the NYT Mini. I made a Slack channel at work to discuss clues and it feels like a nice little group.

  • I’ve been doing more socially, which is lovely but exhausting.

  • I caught up with Andrew and Ed in a pub garden. I found out that Andrew’s partner is working on Bridgerton season 2 which has elevated her coolness by a lot tbh.

  • We went for a 10-mile walk with a few friends from Dover to Deal, I’m unfit, achy, and sun-kissed but very happy.

  • Kara started writing weeknotes which I’m pleased about – I’m not reading much else at the moment, little peeks into peoples’ lives is currently more my speed than actual news.