Week 24: Charismatic Hair

A week of good cladding news, excellent (and very fancy) fry ups, having too much hair, and an off licence crawl.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Some good news on the house front! The work to remedy the cladding issues on the flat I like is going to start this month. It’s not clear how long this is going to add to the process and they still need to get an EWS1 form after it’s done, but fingers crossed. I’m still viewing other places at a slower pace, but nothing has wowed me yet.

  • Alice is back at work, we had a little catch-up and it’s so great to see her. I also had a lovely scheduled impromptu chat with Cait, I’m looking forward to returning to the office for a bunch of reasons, but mainly not having to schedule bumping into someone and catching up.

  • I’m really fed up with my hair, it’s just too big. Based on how many meetings I have, I might need to wait until Wednesday to get it cut 😩

    A very messy head of hair
    Look at this mess
  • We cleaned and tidied the house for the first time in a while, because Luke came over again – he’s viewing houses nearby and is in our bubble. I’ve promised myself for the millionth time that I’m just going to keep up with the housework and not let it get bad again.

  • I made a pretty great fry up. Hot cooking tip: chives make a fry up extremely fancy.

  • I started playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, I haven’t played a triple-A game in forever and it’s a bit overwhelming tbh; I don’t think I have the stamina/mental capacity to work out new games any more. Why does every game have an enormous skill tree nowadays? Charlotte’s mum got me it for Christmas so maybe I’ll actually finish this one.

  • We went on an off licence crawl on Saturday. It’s like a pub crawl but you buy a single can from each off licence on the route and try to drink it before the next one. I shouldn’t feel OK today.