Week 23: Wild Garlic

A week of better sleep, better holiday, some very impressive show-jumping from Tootsie, and a wholesome harvest.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Tootsie’s new feeding schedule is working! I’m so well rested! The only compromise is that he has his breakfast in our bedroom so that he can see that we’re nearby while he’s eating (yeah we need to resolve his separation anxiety too, but one thing at a time).

  • I bought five extra days of holiday at work, I’m aiming to be more relaxed in 2021 and not burn out before we even reach summer. I’m also blocking out lunchtimes which isn’t a fool-proof plan, but it will hopefully make those midday meeting bookers think twice. You know who you are.

  • We had a toilet roll delivery and decided to do that thing where you see how many your cat can jump over. Pretty impressed with Tootsie’s performance.

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  • We did a bunch of social things. We hung out with Jennifer and Chris outside and drank my birthday champagne, we also went for a long walk with Gallal and Euan on Monday. Socialising in meatspace is exhausting but lovely and much-needed.

  • On our walk, we found some wild garlic! They’re always going on about it on Masterchef lately (it’s in season), and once we knew what to look for we saw it everywhere. We picked some and made it into a delicious pea and wild garlic pasta. Foraging wild garlic while out on a walk is the most wholesome thing I’ve done in at least a year.