Week 22: Nine Hundred Grams

A week of being a more technical principal, celebrating with champagne, learning something new, and oversharing.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’ve felt a bit more technical at work this week and getting a bit closer to the code. There are three aspects to the role of Principal Engineer on FT.com and, due to some shuffling of tech leads, I’m focusing more on technical oversight at the moment to make sure that our new tech leads feel supported. I’m feeling less fraudulent in this role as a result.

  • Early in the week, I announced loudly to Charlotte that I did a 900g poo. She was on a work call to her line manager. It’s unclear whether he heard, so that’s fun. I have no idea why I weighed myself before and after using the toilet, I really don’t, but here we are.

  • Two boxes of champagne

    My saving’s still going well, I barely spent anything extra last month because I’m very much trying to bolster my deposit and make sure I have a buffer if there are unexpected house fees. We got paid our annual bonuses, which was unexpected but super useful! We treated ourselves to a lot of champagne which was super frivolous but it should last us for ages and you’ve got to treat yourself occasionally you know?

  • Gallal came and picked up my 3D printers, I’m no longer a 3D printing person. I’m probably going to miss doing it but I’m really pleased to have the extra space.

  • I had Friday off work and, uncharacteristically for me during lockdown, I fancied coding. After seeing Simon was learning and enjoying Fastify, I decided to have a play with that to make my brain feel active. It’s nice! I found that I was missing Preact for view rendering, so I wrote a small plugin to render views in Preact (via htm).

  • Great British Menu has started again, and Andi Oliver is presenting permanently which I think is a big improvement. I’m enjoying it more than Masterchef, which I’m just finding a bit repetitive and formulaic during lockdown; maybe it’s because there’s less variety in the challenges when they’re all in the studio?

  • We had to buy Tootsie an automatic feeder for the mornings because this delightfully cute little asshole will not stop waking me up at 6 am. Training so far has been a success.